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A home base for your video content, video marketing, and integrating across communication channels.

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Maximize and communicate the value of your business

With us, you'll never see ads or video recommendations that keep getting in the way. We ensure both quality and security while creating the perfect environment for you to maximize your company's value, business, and products. By being responsive, we allow vlogs to be watched easily on any desktop or smartphone with the capability of being shared via SNS.


1. Free usage up to 50GB

Even if you're new to video utilization, it's yours to explore.
*For more pricing details, go to the bottom of the page.
*The subscription service is scheduled to start in December 2020.


2. Advanced analysis tools

Highly equipped with essential analysis tools for marketing.
By analyzing your viewer's interests and trends, you can improve your content's accuracy and adjust it to other measures.


3. Quick and high-quality video player

Use the world's fastest HTML5 player.
It's not just about information, it's about providing viewers with an impressive experience.


4. Rest assured with stable delivery

Leave your stress behind and use the world's largest and most stable content delivery network (CDN).


5. A complete security system

For security, we use Akamai's reputable WAF, which is securely adopted around the globe.
Protect your content from server attacks with a truly complete system.


6. Always maintain high performance

Use Amazon's AWS S3 – the most robust and durable online storage.
We continuously support high-quality performance and utmost security.


7. 24-hour monitoring

Our servers are running around the clock 24/7 by AWS and its monitoring system.
More stable connections, less trouble.


Our pricing for beSTREAM

All subscription services are scheduled to start in December 2020.



Up to 50GB

For companies new to vlog video marketing

Plus (play)

800 yen/month

Up to 1TB

For companies that want to upload more content


2,400 yen/month

Up to 3TB

For companies that want to fully scale vlog video marketing


4,800 yen/month

Up to 6TB

For companies that want to expand their vlog video marketing


8,000 yen/month

Up to 10TB

For companies that want to create and market videos for multiple brands and services