How to use beSTREAM

Create an account

1. Click "Join Now" in the upper right hand corner, then choose to create a new account.

2. We'll then create your account using your Google account or by entering your address, username and password.

My page

3. Choose the photo icon in the upper right hand corner and click on the gear mark (Mypage).

4. You can update your profile content, such as your profile picture.
Note: Custom URLs can only be changed once. There is no problem even if the language is Japanese.

Post video

5. Upload your video by going to the Upload menu. Please note the following points when uploading:

The maximum file size per upload is 10GB. The amount of uploadable space with a free account is 50GB.
Also, make sure that you don't violate the copyright or that there's a problem with your voice.

6. You can set the thumbnail image by going to "Thumbnail" in the upper right hand corner.

After entering the necessary information, press the save button to post your video.

When the screening is complete, your video will be published!

The title, resolution, and keywords are related to SEO (search engine optimization). Reference:


7. When you select "My Portolio", you can always update or check the way your page looks to the public.