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John Baer - has over forty years in the creative realm, from recording studios as a jingle writer,
songwriter, producer, and engineer or behind a camera as a producer, director, and editor.
He's even been a popular TV host.
As a creative force, he has developed concepts and campaigns for large companies like Pepsi,
Viacom, Tribune, Potamkin Automotive Group, and Ford Motor Credit.
​Just as comfortably he's done the same for small fashion boutiques, up and coming artists,
and the cafe around the corner.

Adweek and Mediaweek recognized his work for Pepsi as 'cutting edge,' 'beyond the curve.'
He's been nominated for Emmy Awards multiple times.
His creative chops in diverse mediums from music to film to video, print, the web,
and graphics, make him a unique asset.
Yet, his primary strength is his ability to listen and understand the needs of his clients.​

These attributes are what makes Baer Creative an invaluable source in the creative process.
If you need a team or a one-man-band, Baer Creative is a partner that can
deliver on time and budget, no matter the scale or complexities.